2019 Confirmed Speakers to be announced soon.

2018 Saw the return of guest speaker Mark Berrisford-Smith – Head of Economics for HSBC:

Mark Berrisford-Smith – Head of Economics for HSBC

Having studied Economics at Sussex and London Universities, Mark is now Head of Economics for HSBC’s commercial banking business in the UK.

He is responsible for advising the Bank in the UK and its business customers on developments in the British and global economies. Within this remit he has taken a keen interest in monitoring developments in the Euro Area, and also China. But more recently, his work has focused on explaining the mechanics and economic consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

He undertakes an intensive programme of public speaking at conferences and seminars organised or sponsored by HSBC. In order to ensure that HSBC’s commercial customers in the UK are as well informed as possible about the issues arising from ‘Brexit’, he spoke at more than 120 such events during 2017.


“How is the UK’s economy bearing up under the strain of Brexit uncertainties.”
“Is the worst of the present slowdown yet behind us, and what does that imply for the outlook for interest rates and exchange rates.”
“Are we any the clearer about the shape of the post-Brexit landscape?”

Evaluating the flow of data across the whole farm business

Charley White – Farmplan Gatekeeper Software Specialist and Trainer

Charley is a software trainer for Farmplan, focusing on the crop management range of programmes, she lives on a large mixed estate in South Wales. Charley also holds BASIS/FACTs qualifications.  With a background in precision farming data and technologies, she has worked in the farming sector for over seven years and with Farmplan for just over two. Charley’s main goal is to assist customers in the development of data management practices for effective and efficient monitoring, and she is particularly interested in spatial field performance analysis and the use of precision technologies to reduce administrative burdens.


Data is essential to support your business decisions, but incorrect, poor quality and unorganised data can cause more of a headache than provide any answers. Join Charley White, Farmplan Cropping Software Specialist, as she tackles data MOTs. What data do you hold and generate, how does this flow across the whole farm business. Starting with accessibility and moving to technological requirements, we’ll show you how you can take practical steps to improve your data management today, through to what you can do by investing a small amount of time right up to options which require both time and financial investment. There’s an approach to suit all.

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