Trial Plot Update 2017

June 2017.

Rarely do you get an autumn season when there are so many new variety names to conjure with. The winter wheat market in particular is awash with new developments. We have all the important new wheats included in the plots at the Arable Event which should be an ideal opportunity to see them locally in both a treated and untreated regime.

Whether you are looking for improvements in disease ratings, or simply want to increase yield potential, one of the new wheat varieties on display will have a place.

  • Group 1 - KWS Zyatt
  • Group 2 - KWS Siskin
  • Group 3 - KWS Barrel
  • Group 4, Soft - LG Sundance, Bennington
  • Group 4,  Hard - RGT Gravity, KWS Kerrin, Dunston, Shabras, Graham

Also on display in the plots are a full range of winter barley varieties, including the new hybrids, winter oats, hybrid rye and triticale.

Richard Torr Explores the Trial Plots.

Trial Plot Update 27th April 2017

The crops are in good condition but could do with some rain.  The winter wheat T1 fungicides were applied last week – a mix of Keystone 0.8l/ha + Bravo 1.0l/ha. Untreated plots are starting to show up disease now, which is mainly a combination of septoria and yellow rust.  All fertiliser applications are on and up to date.

The main crop of Bazooka winter barley is looking very well now and approaching awns emergence.  The variety plots are much further behind due to being drilled 2 weeks later.  There is very little disease present.

Update from Rob Farrow of Syngenta

  • Trail Plot - 27th April 2017
  • Trail Plot - 27th April 2017
  • Trail Plot - 27th April 2017
  • Trail Plot - 27th April 2017
  • June 2017
  • Barley Result 2017
  • Barley Result 2017