Trial Plot Update 2022

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Our extensive varietal plots presented by Syngenta and Wynnstay this year includes winter & spring cererals

Also on display in the plots are a full range of winter barley varieties, including the new hybrids, winter oats and triticale. 

The correct varietal choice is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as farmer, whether you’re growing wheat for milling, barley for feed or pulses for your own protein. With a recommended list boasting 33 winter wheat varieties across 4 groups, 26 winter barley varieties and not to forget oats, spring barley, spring wheats and the descriptive lists for rye, triticale and rye and pulses, it can be a minefield.


The Arable Event demonstration trial complete with guided plots tours will help you assess and compare key varieties in person which is the best way for choosing a new variety. The Arable Event is showing a full complement of winter wheat and barley in both fungicide treated and untreated scenarios. Alongside oats, hybrid rye and triticale.

My key varieties for this year’s arable event are DSV’s Champion which sits on top of the list for yield. KWS Extase for its exceptional disease package – which hopefully will be on display in the untreated section of the trial. RGT Stokes which has a fantastic western yield, and an all-round good disease package. On the barley side the now widely available KWS Tardis will stand out along side favourites such as KWS Orwell, Surge and Valerie. We’ve also got the millers favourite Mascani winter oats on demonstration, along with the top varieties for hybrid rye and triticale which are all growing in popularity due to their low maintenance high yielding traits.

Danny Richardson

Combinable Seed Product Assistant

Wynnstay Group plc

Mobile : 07990578551

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Varieties on show at the 2022 trial plots;

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