Working Demonstrations

Väderstad Carrier

TR Machinery - Väderstad Carrier

Carrier is a trailed disc cultivator, available in working widths between 4.2 and 12.25 metres. It can be fitted with 450 or 470mm diameter discs.

Whether you require a stale seedbed, levelling of ploughed land or cover crop incorporation, the wide range of front tools offer versatility to different farming requirements.

Working depths from 0-12cm


The machine will be fitted with the CrossCutter Disc which allows farmers to carry out intensive ultra-shallow cultivation.

CrossCutter Disc performs outstanding in oilseed rape stubble and in cover crops, while also enabling great advantages in grain stubble and on ploughed land.

The disc has a low horsepower requirement, works intensively at ultra-shallow working depths from 0-5cm and operates at speeds up to 20km/h.