Home of the original tractor CabGuard™

The original CabGuard™ screen protector was the brainchild of Keith Skinner whilst working in the automotive windscreen trade in the mid 1990s. This guard uses the simple but effective uses of many 45mm diameter suction cups to hold the clear Polycarbonate plastic to the cab glass of the tractor.  He later became the founder of Agri Protection Guards Ltd.

Towards the end of 2014 Keith had decided that time with other projects and family were more important, and in November 2014 he passed on the customer base and product patterns to James Green who, apart from a small company name change, has kept the integral design and quality of the customized CabGuard™ exactly the same.

In January 2019 after many discussions and hours of testing ideas, the CabGuard Highway Clip™ was launched. The clip enables a solid but semi permanent fix of the Guard to the tractor but also enabling a speedy removal and refitting of the guard for cleaning etc. The integral design of the clip slides over the tractors glass edge and the weather-strip seal pushes back over the glass and clip therefore holding the clip in a semi-permanent place without damaging the tractor in any way this also allows the clip to stay on the tractor even when the guard is not in use. The clip then has a boss and threaded stud which allows the clear Polycarbonate plastic to be fixed a small distance away from the tractors cab glass but also to be easily removed by the simple action of removing a plastic nut

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