Speakers Tent 11:30 am - Plus Q&A 

Peter Wilding

Peter-WildingThe man credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for coining the term 'Brexit'. A corporate lawyer with FBC Manby Bowdler, specialising in EU law and Brexit, he is currently focused on supporting farmers and other agri businesses, plus manufacturing and leisure sector firms, through the changes leaving the EU will bring.

Peter is the former EU Media and Policy Director for the Conservative Party and a former director of the Brussels-based lobbying firm, Teneo Cabinet DN, as well as having been Europe Director of BSkyB.  He has practised law in London, Brussels, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands and authored his influential book What Next? Britain's future in Europe. 

He has been at the heart of the EU withdrawal process since it began and his plain-speaking way of cutting through the complexities of the topic makes him a regular contributor to national and regional TV news and other media.


  • The latest view of where Britain stands with Brexit
  • How Brexit will impact farmers and other agri businesses in the short and longer term
  • What steps can be taken to deal with various aspects of the new reality of Britain's relationship with the EU

Graham Redman

Graham RedmanPartner and Research Economist for The Andersons Centre LLP

Graham has been an agricultural economist in the research team of The Andersons Centre since 2004 and a Partner since 2010.  He provides specialist agri-business research services, forecasting, training, briefings and leads project-work. The Andersons Centre is a multi-disciplined farming and agribusiness consultancy, providing advice and interpretation to all sectors in the agricultural supply chain.

Graham is also the author of the John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook.

Before joining Andersons, Graham was the economist for a major agricultural merchant, focusing chiefly on grain and animal feed marketing providing guidance to the grain trading and grain procurement teams.  Prior to that, he worked for a farm management consultancy in Central and Southern England.

Graham has agricultural degrees from Leeds and Reading Universities.